Animal welfare is a community concern
Animal NGO

Animal welfare is a community concern

Citizens’ take up initiatives to care for strays on the street ANIMAL cruelty is a punishable offence in India yet there are countless instances of it daily – whether aimed at elephants and leopards in the wild or stray cows, dogs, and monkeys on the streets. One form of it appears due to the human-wildlife…

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Help Idol-makers

Festival artisans are in the doldrums this Durga Puja

With idols downsized and celebrations muted, their annual income is severely reduced WITH the onset of India’s biggest festive season – Durga Puja, Dussehra and Diwali – there are strict guidelines in place for the celebrations. Most states and the central government are also nudging organisers to cut down on excesses. Festivities will be restrained, …

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Daan Utsav

10 Ways to Celebrate DaanUtsav 2020

Participate in this annual festival and be a giver DAANUTSAV is a heartwarming way to start the festive season. Celebrated across India by people from all walks of life who come together to give back to society, this week-long festival of giving has virtually gone virtual this year!   In recent months India has witnessed insurmountable…

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0% Fee
At GiveIndia

GiveIndia Fundraisers is now 0%

To celebrate the spirit of giving, platform fees have been waived GIVEINDIA has turned 20 in 2020 – a significant milestone we have barely been able to acknowledge since the pandemic and the hardship it has caused has been the centre of all attention, including ours.  As a quick and immediate response to the emergency,…

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