8 Ways To Celebrate Daan Utsav This Year

The forces of good are rallying all around India. Daan Utsav is in the air and everyone is looking for ways to simply give!

There are volunteer groups sprouting up in cities. Offices are holding collection drives. Schools are encouraging their students to give back. Communities are coming together to do their bit for each other. Some families have even pledged 50% of their wealth to those in need!

It’s incredible to think that we each have so much to give – our time, gifts, effort, money. If you are wondering how you can join the celebrations, here is a list of things you can do in the spirit of giving:

1. Volunteer at a nonprofit

“The spirit of giving during the season is incredible!” says Chaithali Pisupati, who has volunteered for the festival over the past four years. “Giving is truly in the air. People open up their houses and their kitchens and givers pour in to offer their help all through the week.”

One of the most precious gifts you can give is your time. Volunteer at a nonprofit close to you. Get to know about the work they do. Find out what they need to keep running. Offer whatever services you can. Experience the joy of the impact that they create every single day. Here is a list of 200+ credible nonprofits that you can choose from.

2. Join a Daan Utsav event

There are events being held all across the country in honour of Daan Utsav. From donating rations to those in need, to running a marathon to support a cause you care about, to stepping outdoors to pick up plastics, to cleaning and painting railway stations, there is a lot going on that you can join! Visit the Daan Utsav website and find an event the piques your interest.

3. Take the Hafta Challenge

Seven days. Seven giving challenges. Sign up to take the Hafta Challenge and you will get a daily task delivered to your inbox between 2nd and 8th October. The challenges are each designed to tap into different types of giving, and the lasting joy that comes with each of them.

4. Organize or create an event

If you like the idea of an event but it isn’t being held in your locality, you can sign up to organize it! Be it in your city, office, school, or apartment, you can bring people together to celebrate the joy of giving. The Daan Utsav website offers you wonderful ideas and collateral to get started!

You can even create your own unique event that inspires people to give in any way they can. Share it on the Daan Utsav website so that more people can join you.

5. Become a part of the online Seva Kitchen

This app provides a wonderful way to give to those in need. It is rooted in the belief that together, we can solve the problem of hunger in our country. Once you sign up, you can register as a donor, a receiver, or both. The next time you have extra food or want to cook a special meal for those in need, you know where to go!

6. Donate to a cause you care about

One of the best ways to realize the abundance we have in our lives is to choose to give to those in need. Our crowdfunding platform LetzChange is running a game of housie for nonprofits across India. You can champion an organisation working for a cause you care about and help them win exciting rewards!

7. Shop to Give

You can even do a good deed while treating yourself! If you are shopping from any of your favourite online retail outlets, or booking tickets for the latest movie, do it through shop.giveindia.org. A portion of your purchase will go towards helping a trustworthy nonprofit that needs your help.

8. Spread the word

Tell your friends and family about Daan Utsav! Create larger waves of kindness this festive season by bringing more people into the giving tribe. The world always needs more givers!

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