Volunteering Opportunities with ACCESS, Bangalore

Though ACCESS was registered in 1992 and have helped 700 children till date, many of their systems and processes are not well-established. They could do with help in many areas. Some of them have been listed below. Email Thomas Swaroop directly at thomas.swaroop@yahoo.com to take this forward –

– One of ACCESS’s key activities is YLC or Youth Leadership Center. At these centers, they give young people skills to make them mature and productive members of society in the future. Youth are also equipped with social skills as well as given personality development and leadership training. If you are a counselor in this area, do volunteer your skills for these youth.

– ACCESS also helps these youth get placed in companies, once they have completed their education. Some of their youth work at BPOs and data-entry companies in and around Bangalore. The organisation wants some serious help in this area – from thinking through job alternatives for their youth, to finding job openings in companies, to tying up with organizations to absorb them on a regular basis. If you have an Human Resources background, do considering volunteering with ACCESS in this area.

– Preparing youth for the job market is another area you could help with. From skills like “How to prepare a good CV”, to “How to prepare for an interview,” to other grooming skills. If you have a teacher/guider/motivator personality and good English skills, this volunteering position will be well-suited for you.

– Having recently gotten listed with GiveIndia recently, ACCESS will not need to prepare an annual report on an annual basis. If you have good English writing skills and can dedicate a few hours over weekends in the months of June-July-August towards this activity, do get in touch with their team. You would need to understand their activities for the year, help them summarize the same ( a good description, plus statistics) and create a simple report on a word document.

– If you are a graphic designer, help create and implement a design for their annual report. (This could be a one-time or annual activity).

– If you have good English skills and internet access, help research and apply for different NGO awards that happen through the year. This can be done partly out of home ( i.e. researching the different NGO awards) and partly out of office ( helping put together the required documents for the same).

– Till date, ACCESS has helped 700 children. These children work in BPOs, data-entry firms etc. around Bangalore. Detailed information of their 700 children is available in a very haphazard manner. If you could put together an excel-based system that will help them keep track of details of their 700 children in an organized manner, that will be very helpful. The idea is to also create a process for their teams to follows that will help keep this information updated regularly.

– Staff training is another area of help. From excel to word to other skills (i.e. how to write/summarise a beneficiary success story, how to create a basic videos) that will help the staff at ACCESS improve upon their efficiency. Exposing them to technology and helping them get more acquainted with the same will help the ACCESS team be more productive.

– Training their staff in Tally and Accounting

– Marketing/PR/Communication help – from editing/writing content for their brochures/newsletters/website to creation/maintenance of a Facebook page for the organisation.

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  1. dear sir,

    Knowing about your NGO I would want to work with you as I have recruitment experience I can help placing jobs for the needy ones. Pls do let me know if it is possible

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