Volunteer Opportunities at Ummeed Child Development Centre

Ummeed would like some help with:

1. Grant research, grant application and grant writing. Ummeed has major plans to expand its activities – from therapy to advocacy to research. Of course this requires funds. There are several government as well as non-governmental grants they could potentially apply for to get access to more funds. However, they require help to research the same, fill and send across the applications. Apply if you have good Google research and English writing skills. Of course someone from Ummeed would brief you on the work that they do to help you in filling up the applications.

2. Documentation of their programmes and work (i.e. the therapy and other sessions with the children) so that the same can be used as reference material/learnings for the future. While they have discussed the importance of documentation by the therapists themselves upteen number of times, their team tends to get totally occupied with the sessions themselves – making it difficult for them to document the same.

3. Research and reaching out to other NGOs/organisations that work with special children. Ummeed realises that the number of children in need of special care out there is way more than the number of children they care provide care to. So, through their “Child Development Aide” Training course they train special care workers at other NGOs. They believe there is scope to expand this training so that more and more workers are better equipped with the skills to identify and help kids with special care. They require help in researching these NGOs, initiating contact with them, speaking to their teams about the benefits of availing of this training and other logistical support in the process.

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