Volunteer Opportunities at Marathwada Gramin Vikas Sanstha

1. Most of MGVS’s team is involved in fieldwork. This is where the core of what they do lies. Hence, their expertise is more with grassroutes work; and when I comes to things like reporting and document, they find great difficulties. A volunteer who can help them with documentation of all kinds would be greatly appreciated. Given the spread of their work, it would be essential for that person to spend atleast a month with MGVS. After all it would take atleast 2 weeks to get a good understanding of all their activities. MGVS will host the volunteer at a hostel in Aurangabad – it’s a basic but safe and clean setup. The experience of working with them on field will be a memorable one, promises their team. Knowledge of Marathi language would help the person communicate well but a Hindi-speaker would also manage just fine.

2. An HTML/CSS expert to help with their website updation and maintenance.

3. A volunteer to help with assessments and surveys that they conduct to understand the impact that they make. Their team currently does baseline surveys – these are essential and a precursor to starting off with new projects. Further, midline assessments are done by the Government, from time to time. What they’re looking for is help with end-line assessments to measure and study the impact of their impact.

4. Fundraising assistance through networking to help them take advantage in fundraising events like the India Giving Challenge. They would like to expand their services but given the funds limitation, are not able to do so. So such assistance will help them garner more funds and more supporters.

2 thoughts on “Volunteer Opportunities at Marathwada Gramin Vikas Sanstha

  1. I am retired defence person aged 50 yrs free from all the family responsibilities and interested to work as a volunteer. Kindly let me know when i can join.

    Thanks and regards

    Rajanand Kamble

  2. Thank you very much for your interest as a volunteer work with MGVS, please mentioned which types you will work.

    Appasaheb Ugale
    Project Director
    MGVS Aurangabad

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