You are not disabled, until you think so! The motivational story of Dolly Sahare

To be able to fend for oneself, is the biggest source of independence, self-respect and self-confidence. Many people however are unable to get decent employment due to reasons not under their control. Many times, people need to put extra efforts to achieve something because they do not start from the same level as others.  Dolly was one such girl who had her share of hardships, owing to her hearing and speech impairment.

She had a humble beginning.  The family of five was raised by her mother, with the help of her brothers’ modest incomes after her father passed away. Although the means available were limited, Dolly worked hard to fight the odds. She wanted to prove herself and become financially independent to support her family, just like her brothers did.

Her disability however, brought another set of problems- her underdeveloped interpersonal skills.  Being the only member in her family with a disability, she had trouble expressing herself and as a result, did not make friends easily therefore limiting her social circle. She was excluded from the village community because of the severe communication barrier.  Her mother was quite worried because she could see Dolly struggling through her childhood years.

Nonetheless, Dolly worked on herself.  She studied up till 12th standard from a special school in Nagpur after which she joined a distance course in B.Com. Her loved ones, who always motivated her to do better in life, advised her to join Youth4Jobs.

Youth4Jobs provides vocational training to youngsters and hones them according to the needs of the industry.  She enrolled at the Nagpur Training Centre where she was taught English, Computers, Life Skills and received customised training in Hospitality. Not only did the acquired skill-set land her at a job with Le- Meriden Nagpur as a steward but she also gained more exposure by mingling with people from different walks of life, gaining from their experiences and becoming more confident in herself as a person. Dolly now earns an annual salary nearly equivalent to the combined salary of her brothers, along with numerous other perks. She saves a substantial amount that is sent home. She is extremely happy and her family is very proud of her!

She is one of the many persons-with-disability who have decided not to give up on life. ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ and organisations like Youth4Jobs & Amhi Amchya Arogyasathi are working to assist strong willed individuals like Dolly to carve a career and a create a quality life.

If you too want to motivate someone to be the best version of themselves, in spite of what life throws at them, log onto LetzChange to know more about how Amhi Amchya Arogyasathi is working to bring a positive change.

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