Use your Social Network to Change Lives

In today’s world, having great social networking skills is a boon. Everyone goes gaga over that person who has 2000+ Facebook friends and is the most popular among his/her peers. It is a common phenomenon that whatever they post or endorse, becomes the talk of the town. Imagine if the same person could use his/her network to talk about a social cause or appeal to raise funds for an underprivileged. Now, considering that even if 200 of his/her friends are benevolent enough to share or contribute even a miniscule contribution towards that cause, the multiplier effect would help grow in leaps and bounds. This precisely is the concept of fundraising that is based on the premise of “each drop counts.”

At the heart of LetzChange, is the policy of simple social giving. To inculcate the habit of social giving amongst the potential donors, we have recently introduced the Fundraising feature.

Fundraising at LetzChange is simple and interesting. One can just set up a campaign for the charity or cause they strongly believe in. They could invite their friends through their social network and encourage them to make valuable contributions. With support pouring in from the near and dear ones, the campaign could be managed using a live dashboard where they can track donations, thank the supporters and promote the campaign vigorously. The supporters can also then share the initiative with their friends, which will in turn create a wide network of donors.

Fundraising is a unique way of connecting like-minded people through the power of social media, which can enable them to experience the joy of social giving.

LetzChange India together!

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