Some Facts that can Help you Raise Big

The concept of online giving is in nascent stage in India. This is primarily the reason why many non-profits dread using their social networks to extract the maximum benefits from the community for their social cause. But we at LetzChange, believe in lending a hand to our wonderful partners, wherever they need our support. Following are some tips and tricks, which could make online giving a joyous experience for your donors-

  • ACTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS- The whole world is virtually connected. With the blink of an eye, people across the globe can know about your whereabouts rather than by having a mere look at your static website. Facebook, Twitter are the best parameters where people judge whether the non-profit is performing actively and engaging its donors or not. A dull ‘social’ presence will serve you no good
  • TIMELY UPDATES TO DONORS- Donors are sensitive and curious humans. So, it is imperative for you to be grateful to them and update them about how every single penny they donated is being utilized. Carving interesting impact stories plays a vital role in engaging your donors
  • CONTENT IS KING: Have crisp and precise profile content, pictures, case studies, which will help your potential donors to take notice of, and appreciate your work It is only through a relatable story that you can establish a connect with donors, which will convince them to abide by your ‘call to action’.
  • CONVERT YOUR VOLUNTEERS AND DONORS TO FUNDRAISERS- Fundraising reflects the power of collectiveness. Undoubtedly, donating to a cause is a pure deed but what if your donors indulge in a little more effort by leveraging their social networks for that cause? This is a sure short formula, which can garner positive results for your non-profit. So, encourage and give them insights on the advantages of fundraising.
  • BE FAMILIAR WITH OUR TOOLS- The tools provided by LetzChange are crafted to simplify the donation procedure and make online receiving a less complicated affair for you. We have a wide array of tools, which a live dashboard where you can track your donations, analytics and monthly disbursements. Also, we facilitate easy generation of e- receipts on your behalf, for the convenience of the donors . Besides, we also offer our partners with marketing and technical support.
  • KEEP US UPDATED WITH MONTHLY REPORTS- We believe in sustaining a long term relationship with all our partners and would be glad to know the activities undertaken by them through monthly reports. This helps in keeping us aware about the initiatives and campaigns that are being undertaken.
  • PROMOTE THE CULTURE OF ONLINE GIVING- Giving in India has always been synonymous with cash or cheque-based charities or door to door fund collection. Keeping in sync with the technological advancements, we propagate the concept of online giving. This culture needs to be ingrained amongst donors, who should also be encouraged to spread the word about their initiative through their social network
  • ABIDE BY THE RULES OF LETZCHANGE- These rules have been carefully designed to bring out the best in you. We expect you to raise a minimum of Rs 25,000 from at least 10 donors within 30 days of going live. To maintain a consistency in your performance, you are also required to raise at least Rs 1,00,000 per year to continue fundraising on our platform
  • ASK DONORS FOR THE FEEDBACK- Feedback by donors has dual benefits. It gives an opportunity to you as well as us to improve our product and services.

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