LFC ’19: An Unforgettable Journey of Committed Fundraising and Dedicated Efforts

The LetzChange Fundraising Challenge’19 has undoubtedly played accelerator for our 260 partner non-profits by giving a powerful thrust to their fundraising efforts and also helping them in lengthening their chain of supporters. Through contributions by 14, 972 unique supporters, our partner charities raised a cumulative of Rs. 6.25 Crore during the Challenge, and we cannot be happier for their successes. 

Breaking all fundraising records, Team Everest emerged as the winner of the first Mega Reward by raising Rs. 1,76,24,621 through 6751 supporters, walking away with a great reward amount of Rs. 25,00,000. Parivar Education Society and Vidya And Child won the second and third Mega Rewards respectively, through their unceasing efforts and relentless commitment to the cause they work towards. 

While our partner charities have given us some applause-worthy performances in this edition of the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge, their campaigners deserve a fair share of the praise as well. Inqui-lab Foundation’s campaign for Mantra Social Services brought in Rs. 14,66,746 for them.  Mousmi Deshmukh’s campaign for Deesha was not far behind, raising Rs. 14,22,615 for the NGO. Our third top campaigner was Wilma Correa whose efforts added the respectable amount of Rs.12,14,947 for Catalysts for Social Action. 

We also witnessed some ethereal progress for NGOs raising under the Charity Booster Programme 2.0, with a lot of them graduating to the Success Slabs. The Charity Booster Programme was launched with the aim to encourage charities to try out crowdfunding and benefit from its many merits. And with more than 150 partners incorporating the crowdfunding technique into their fundraising activities, we can safely say that our purpose has been met with good success.

Going further, we shall be introducing more such fundraising events and programmes for our partner charities and hope that our efforts shall lead to further empowerment of the non-profits.

Happy Fundraising!


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