Another Week, Another Set of Milestones: Here’s an Overview of Week 06 of LFC 19

Our partner charities have raised INR 86,53,835 through 2565 supporters in Week 06 of the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge’ 19. The figures are climbing higher as we inch closer to the end, and we cannot be happier about th progression!

Team Everest has ruled the roost in the sixth week with INR 28.7 lakhs raised in the matter the seven days. They also grew in terms of supporters as 940 new donors came forward in their support. 

We launched Week of Wonder 2.0 in Week 06 which further escalated fundraising for our charities. The good news is that this opportunity is to stay in till March 31stand NGOs can win rewards upto Rs. 50,000 each day. 

We have also seen some new entries into the Challenge in the form of charities such as Navnirman Trust and Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer. Graduation from Charity Booster Programme to the Success Slabs was observed for Catalysts for Social Action, Mantra Social Services, and Centre for Wildlife Studies. We are feeling quite confident that Change with One Foundation, Bridges of Sports Foundation, and Navjyoti Foundation will also be making it to the Slabs in the ongoing week.

While NGOs are religiously putting in a lot of effort towards having a successful fundraising season, they wouldn’t have gotten so far without the enthusiasm of their supportive campaigners. Mousmi Deshmukh’s campaign for Deesha Education Foundation has brought in INR 14.2 lakhs for them, while Inqui-lab Foundation’s campaign for Mantra Social Services added INR 9.65 lakhs to their kitty. Wilma Correa’s campaign for Catalysts for Social Action has also performed remarkably, bringing in INR 8.14 lakhs for the charity.

With just a few days remaining in the event culmination, we hope that the charities make the best of this promising chance to end this financial year on a high note. Kindly feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries, we shall be happy to take them. 

Happy Fundraising!


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