Making “Change” a ‘Real-istic’ Experience

As part of our commitment to making the online giving experience as simple and as transparent as possible, the LetzChange team have been busy working on a number of new features for our NGO partners. You may have seen our previous blog post already about the new LetzChange E-Receipts, which allows NGOs to issue receipts to their donors quickly and conveniently, saving time (and trees!) as well as providing an extra opportunity to engage with donors. Well, today we announce another great feature, the “​Live Donation Board” (real time donation ​tracker)​. Up until now, NGO admins were notified of the donations they received on LetzChange at the end of the month as part of the disbursement process. However the introduction of the live donation board will now allow NGO admins to track donations in real-time. This will not only ensure greater visibility of the NGOs ​day-by-day performance, it will also prove useful for bench-marking against target and understanding the effectiveness of marketing campaigns – and all in real-time when this information is most useful.

A: Select Month- To view the donations (Previous/Present month) B: Expand Donor Details- To view extensive details of the donor C:Click to Sort- Rearrange in ascending/descending order D: Search Filter- A versatile search bar which lets you hunt for every possible kind of detail related to donation/donor E: Disbursement Confirmation Message- Click to view post transfer, detailed message of disbursement

 LetzChange announces real-time tracking board, providing further simplicity and transparency to the NGO donation process. Features of the tracking board consists of:

A: Select MonthTo view the donations (Previous/Current month)

B: Expand Donor DetailsTo view extensive details of the donor

C: Click to Sort Rearrange in ascending/descending order

D: Search FilterA versatile search bar which lets you hunt for every possible kind of detail related to donation/donor

E: Disbursement Confirmation MessageClick to view post transfer, detailed message of disbursement and to dispatch receipt to donors

The live donation board means ​NGOs will now have easy access to their donation information and ​sufficient visibility to understand which channel donations are coming from, be it a social media post, an email campaign or any other marketing channel which may have ordinarily gone unnoticed. This invaluable information can help both NGO’s and the LetzChange marketing team to more effectively plan strategies for future marketing activity. We believe this new feature will provide time saving benefits for NGOs and make the whole donation process more transparent, offering a clearer view of your NGOs performance on LetzChange and providing valuable information that can be used to further refine and optimize marketing activity. If you’re an NGO and would like to utilize this amazing feature,  feel free to get in touch with us.

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