LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18: Halfway through this Prolific Journey

LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18 is proving to be a massive success with the participating NGOs approaching it with the celebratory enthusiasm one reserves for the festivals. And a festival it is: a celebration of the spirit of giving, of people coming in support of those in need and of the social causes they strongly care about. The LetzChange Fundraising Challenge’18 was originally conceived to help NGOs close the financial year on a high, and with every new edition of the challenge it is evolving into a more fulfilling experience for the non-profits, helping them grow their network along with winning exciting rewards and garnering a lot of support in the form of donations.

LetzChange has provided all NGOs with dedicated relationship managers who are assisting them during the challenge, providing them with all the necessary information and encouraging them to fire all cylinders to win the coveted mega rewards. Also, to keep their level of motivation high, the participating NGOs are being rewarded matching grants on the unique donations coming in on their campaigns. The NGOs too are reciprocating by being actively involved in the challenge, effectively employing our peer-to-peer fundraising tools to weave an ever-expanding web of supporters.

Our primary aim during LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18 is to help NGOs augment their donor base through networking; echoing the underlying philosophy of LetzChange, which is of “simple, social giving”. Yes, the donations flowing in are elemental for the charities to smoothly carry on with their operations, but we strongly believe that with a network of loyal supporters which stays with them even after the challenge ends, the NGOs will find it easier to further their task of improving the quality of life of the underprivileged. The benefits that the NGOs shall reap during this fundraising festival stand in direct proportion to the number of campaigns they create on our portal. The larger the number of campaigns created, the more expansive will be the network of their supporters.

We have already come midway into the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18, and are immensely pleased with the form it has assumed so far. Till date, a total of 2,344 different supporters have pitched in to raise a cumulative sum of Rs. 57,71,785 through 383 peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns on our platform. We thank the participating NGOs for their kind cooperation, and for the faith they have shown in LetzChange throughout their journey with us.  Also, to the NGOs who are yet to jump on the bandwagon, we urge you to grace us with your participation in the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge’18 and benefit from its ever-growing list of perks; for there is still some time left before the challenge culminates. Happy fundraising to you all!


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