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In August 2018, heavy rains and subsequent flooding in Kerala wreaked havoc across the state. The floods led to over 350 deaths, affected a population of over 50 lakh people, and over 2 lakh people have been evacuated (as per recent reports).

The floods led to immense devastation, and there is a long way for Kerala to go before the state can return to normality.

The people who faced the worst had their homes washed away, their livelihoods destroyed, and even records of their existence wiped away.

In these tough times, we witnessed the entire country coming together to help the state. While this relief work helped save many lives and provided immediate aid to those who needed it the most, now comes the time to rebuild the state from scratch. This process can of long-term recovery can take years.

And it’s to do precisely this that The Better India and GiveIndia have come together to help Rebuild Kerala by supporting 41,000 affected families. We want to build a community of people who can contribute to rebuilding the state sustainably.

The Rebuild Kerala campaign by The Better India and GiveIndia brings to you a simple automated monthly donation format through which you can contribute to the long-term efforts of our partner NGOs in the critical second and third phases of rebuilding.

We will provide you with periodic updates about how your money is being used, as well as keep you posted on the rebuilding efforts of our partner NGOs.

While it may feel like not a lot can happen with one person’s amount every month, we have seen firsthand the immense transformative power of people coming together and pledging to causes they care about on a long-term, sustained basis.

Join us. Make the pledge. Let’s rebuild Kerala together. Donate here.

Our partner NGOs include:

Goonj: With over 19 years of expertise in disaster relief and rehabilitation, Goonj will work with the underprivileged in Kerala to help them rebuild their lives.

HelpAge India: Their Disaster Management Team is currently focussing on providing Emergency Medical Relief and Relief Kits – both Ration kits & Non-Food Item kits.

IDEA Foundation: IDEA Foundation focuses on bridging learning gaps for children. They are donating school bags and stationery items like notebooks, pencils, colours, storybooks and colouring books to affected students and are also helping rebuild schools by contributing towards teaching and learning material, setting up libraries and science labs, etc.

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