Introducing… NGO of the Week!

LetzChange is home to over 70 Indian NGOs and is committed to helping these incredible organisations reach new donors as they strive to bring lasting change to underprivileged people and communities in India.

With so much great work being done we thought it would be a good idea to take a more focused look at some of these NGOs, to do each one justice by providing them some proper airtime on and the LetzChange Facebook page!

We therefore introduce to you NGO of the Week! Not only do we hope to inspire you with their achievements but we also hope you will feel moved to support the NGO in whatever way you can, either by making an online donation on LetzChange or by liking and sharing on social media to introduce your friends to LetzChange and the joy of Simple Social Giving too!

Stay tuned for more NGO of the Week posts and in the meantime why not check out our first NGO, Paripurnata Half-Way Home, on the LetzChange Facebook page here.

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