Internship Programme: How LetzChange is Nurturing Young Talent

LetzChange proudly announces a three-month internship programme for willing and deserving candidates who are in search of a sturdy foundation to start building their careers upon. LetzChange is hosting this programme with the aim of nurturing young talent and shaping them into confident individuals who prove to be valuable assets to any organization they work for, in the future.

This year, the interns shall be helping us with the operative communications during the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge 2018. They will be closely working with our core teams, consequently learning how to communicate effectively as well as learning to build and maintain relations with people within and without an organization. They will be directly interacting with our partnering non-profits; providing them with all the necessary information and guidance, and keeping them well-briefed with the ongoing proceedings of Fundraising Challenge ’18. This internship, along with being helpful for people looking forward to working in the corporate sector, is also a great educative opportunity for the individuals who care about bringing some repair to the social fiber of our society, and are planning to settle in the development sector in the future. It will verse them well with the ground realities of this area of work and condition them with the abilities elemental for handling managerial responsibilities in any budding or established NGO.

Our former interns have largely benefitted from being a part of our team and have scaled great heights in their respective careers. Conversely, their enthusiastic approach towards the tasks deployed to them have brought about positive results for our organization as well. And, in a scenario where the interns have proven to be great resources, we have never shied away from retaining them, endowing them with important positions within the organization. One of our former interns, Pranav Varma, impressed us with his dedication and effectiveness as a Partnerships Intern and we couldn’t let him go. He now works as our Partnership Associate and is an indispensable part of the Marketing and Communications team. He dexterously manages our relations with our partnering charities and is the primary face of the organization for the stakeholders of the sector.

A message for all potential opinion makers in our nation’s ever-expanding social sector- If you feel that you are someone who has an undying interest in the world of societal development, an opportunity to work with our team would offer you with an inside view on the whereabouts of the sector, along with deep insights into the challenges faced by committed Indian charitable organisations.

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