Gramin Samassya Mukti Trust: Creating Opportunities for the Deserving

In the Hindi movie Talaash, Kareena Kapoor who plays an escort makes a heart wrenching statement “jinn logon ki ginnti hi nahi hoti, unke liye kya justice?” And momentarily, going beyond our day-to-day concerns, we are forced to think about the plight of commercial sex workers.

Knowing that poverty doesn’t hold many doors open, we are forced to think about what could possibly serve as a beam of hope and happiness for her and we can only empathise that if tomorrow offers the promise of a secure future for her child, she might be willing to endure her present struggles.  Thankfully, the world still offers some hope to the deprived. There are people working to spread love and positivity. And one such organization is Gramin Samassya Mukti Trust. Established in year 1999, targeting children of female sex workers (FSW) from slums located in Lalguda region of Wani, Maharashtra.

The organization was set up with the simple aspiration to offer hope to women involved in high risk professions and nothing shows their determination better than their record of placing nineteen girls as nurses into prominent hospitals in Pune, ten of which are mentioned below:

S.N.NameTraining centerStarting year Closing yearStatus
1Mehrum Shahnaj ShaikhShri Bhagvanrao Napate Foundation, PuneApril 2010Oct 2011Sanjivani Hospital, Karve Road, Pune
2Kiran Bapurao GhugareApril 2010Oct 2011Navjivan Hospital, Latur
3Durga Gopi ReddiApril 2010Oct 2011MGM Hospital, Pune
4Manisha Lakshmi AdlivarApril 2012Oct 2013Krishna Hospital
5Siya Narendra DhoteApril 2012Oct 2013Sanjivani Hospital
6Nandini Sinu KhobragadeApril 2013Oct 2014Sheshav Hospital
7Supriya Dilip UgleApril 2013Oct 2014Life Line Hospital
8Vani Rama TelangApril 2013Oct 2014Sheshav Hospital
9Kajal vilas KolheApril 2013Oct 2014MGM Hospital
10Aasha Arun PavarApril 2014Oct 2015Dindyal Hospital

Nursing- a profession that involves nurture and care to the weak and vulnerable. Isn’t it a beautiful transmission of wholesome positivity? Someone somewhere invested in these girls, in spite of the vulnerable background they come from and today, they are in a position to look after others!

If you wish to be a part of this chain of hope, log on here and elongate the chain of good giving.

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