#GivingPremierLeague: Introducing Teams and Crossing the 25 lakh mark

LetzChange is proud to announce the launch of the Giving Premier League, India’s first ever fundraising challenge where we are curious to find the most generous region in the country.

This is where NGOs, working to serve various causes have been clubbed together based on their geographical region to form teams. These are teams of hardworking Samaritans who have dedicated their lives to bring about a change because they believe that their vision, passion and initiative can make a difference in this world. This is their chance to not only network with other like-minded people in the region but also appeal to generous donors to contribute in the development of their region.

After putting in gruelling amounts of effort to ensure that each Team was well balanced and had equal number of NGOs as well as a good chance of winning in the league, here’s presenting the teams for this year!!

Bengaluru Bravehearts

Telugu Titans

Chennai Changemakers

Empathetic East

Northern Knights

Heartland Heroes

Magnanimous Maharashtra

Each state is well represented and each team has a mix of NGOs that are representing multiple causes like education, child care, women’s welfare, elderly care, etc.

The biggest giving league is on, in the first twenty days itself we have crossed the 25 lakh mark, every 10 minutes there is a new donation coming in and the social media feed is buzzing with #GivingPremierLeague.

The LetzChange team is really excited and brimming with active arguments and sometimes cheeky insults as Regional Managers defend their teams passionately.

It’s getting crazy competitive in here, and we want your help to win. So what are you waiting for? Lend your support to the NGO you find most deserving in your region here.



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