From a Little Boy Running Away From Misery, to a Man Facing Challenges Head On

There are traffic signals in every part of the city and there are people associated with those crossings. While we might get accustomed to their faces but their existence becomes worth only a passing glance.

It’s almost as if we register their presence absent-mindedly and rarely do we pause to think of their identity. Rarely do we ponder about their past or the future that awaits them. And since ‘they’ might not be closely related to us, their situation is not of immediate importance.

Many of them are run away kids, who have left their homes and families behind, in the naivete hope of finding a better world. One such child was Brijesh, who, fed up of his family, for they gave up on the mischievous child who got scolded wherever he went.

Back at home, his father was a daily wage earner and his mother, held back due to tradition, could not work to get supplementary income. With the burden of three children, the family just couldn’t afford to send them to school. And so Brijesh ran away from home and came to Delhi.

He was eventually brought to Deeplaya Children’s Home in 2008. He received the love and attention that was missing from his own life and occasional guidance and counselling where it was needed.  Gradually, he adjusted to the environment and learnt to value the importance of education. He began working hard to score good marks and started aiming high in life.

When he went back to visit his family, his parents were delighted to know that their child was educated! He had dreams for the future and wanted to pursue BBA but money was a constraint.

The staff at Deepalaya counseled him to join UNNATI Foundation, a sister organisation, for his overall personality development and training in the retail sector. After completion of 45 days’ training, UNNATI helped him get a job as Sales Executive with Eureka Forbes Limited fetching him around Rs. 8000 a month, initially for three months during on the job training. After completion of three-month training, he would get an increase of another Rs. 4000.

From being the black sheep of the family, to being educated, independent and  responsible, Brijesh has come a long way. And there are many like him who just need a little bit of support to normalise their lives.

If you wish to partake stakes in someone’s growth story, support Deepalaya in the good work they are doing.

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