Dreams of a Child

HEADING into Bihar, I wasn’t scared; I was anxious. Most people fear kidnapping, but seeing as I’ve been kidnapped before I felt my chances of survival were high. My concerns lay with visiting the Daudnagar Organisation for Rural Development, to make sure that our donations were being put to good use.

I’ve traveled far and wide examining NGOs around the country to make sure that money was being used correctly. I knew the procedures, I knew what to ask, I knew why I was there. I never expected to be so surprised by what I found.

In Bihar, Naxalites have a strong presence, often using scare tactics to make young men and boys join their cause. With no education and no other option, Naxalite numbers grow in these areas. Walking through Patna, I encountered a nine year old boy who confidently declared that when he grew up he wanted to be a Naxalite. It breaks my heart that this is not an unusual dream for many children in these areas.

Daudnagar Organisation for Rural Development (DORD) was formed with the intention of educating people in these areas that there are other paths they can take. I was excited to see their work in action; the poor need help the most and DORD strives every day to ease their burden and empower them to strive for more.

Upon arrival, I was blown away by what I saw. Never could I have anticipated such happy faces greeting me, welcoming me into their communities and lives. I met with the beneficiaries and witnessed first hand what amazing potential a small donation can make to the lives of people with nothing. I visited their hospital which provides various services, such as glasses and surgery, for free to those who require it most.

Walking through the grounds, I met a small child. I wanted to ask what they wanted to be when they grew up, but I feared the answer. The question was nagging on me, I had to ask. They smiled up at me and said “Police officer”.

Daudnagar Organisation for Rural Development is making a huge impact on the lives of rural people, and more importantly children. I never expected to be so moved by an organisation, but when I saw those children running around with a thousand possibilities spread out before them, I couldn’t help but smile. My worries had been for nothing, and I left knowing that our work, that DORD’s work, is not in vain.

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