Developments of the Week 03 of LetzChange Fundraising Challenge 2019

Week 03 has brought in awesome results for the 155 NGOs taking an active interest in LetzChange Fundraising Challenge’ 19.  Our partner NGOs raised a cumulative of Rupees 40, 87,377 with the help of 1979 supporters this week, and we couldn’t be happier for all their successes!

At LetzChange, we are constantly working towards making fundraising through online crowdfunding an enriching experience for our partner charities, and it brings us immense happiness to watch them grow day by day at such unbeatable paces.

Team Everest is painting one such story of remarkable progress with them raising Rupees 21, 01, 338 in the third week itself. By the end of Week 03, they had already raised Rupees 30,80,221 with the help of 2081 supporters, and we’re sure that the figures will have climbed even higher as you read this.

Other NGOs which have performed really well during Week 03 through some very successful fundraising campaigns are Deesha Education Foundation, Pudumai Penn Foundation, and Mantra Social Services. We have also witnessed quite a few applause-worthy performances by the NGOs fundraising under the Charity Booster Programme, and we congratulate all such non-profits for the same.

Going forward, we wish all the very best to all charities for the remaining weeks of India’s biggest fundraising festival.

May the number of lives you touch keep growing always.

Happy Fundraising!






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