Daan Utsav: Celebrating the Invaluable Joy of Giving

The Joy of Giving Week is observed from 2nd to 8th of October to celebrate the spirit of generosity, charity and giving. The idea ‘kuch bhi do, dil se do’ summarizes the essence of this festival.

Daan Utsav is a beautiful concept in itself. It’s about taking out time from our busy schedule and going beyond the confines of our own lives, to touch someone else’s.

Daan Utsav 2016 saw numerous non-governmental and not-for-profit organizations, corporates, charities and volunteers come together to do their bit for the society in the name of philanthropy. On this occasion, Team LetzChange tried to understand the deeper meaning of social giving. What is the Joy of Giving after all?

                                    Joy of Giving: Happiness over conversations

It could be a chit chat over brunch or heavy discussions over beer… the one’s that involve little bit of bitching, little bit of poking and a lot of embarrassing confessions.

                                                          Joy of giving and sharing

It could mean sharing your most prized possession with a friend, just because. To give away something to someone in exchange for a lovely smile!

                              Joy of Giving without holding expectations in return

On deeper thought, there is a certain power in detachment from material things- the very things that the world teaches us to value in such high prestige. In a consumerist society that weighs one’s social worth according to how much one can purchase and possess, being able to share or completely give away one’s possessions, is a definite act of self-control.

Joy of giving away: Detachment in Daan
                                                             Joy of giving away: Detachment in Daan

In fact, it’s not just parting away with things in the material sense but also giving up the desire to control them.

Joy of giving to family and friends
                                                         Joy of giving to family and friends

Sharing is also in spirit. Life is all about sharing warm moments with loved ones. It’s these sparkling moments that shape us- our essential core values as well as our outlook to life. We get so much love and affection from our parents and grandparents. We don’t realize when we pass down the inherited value system, to our little ones.

Similarly, there is a give and take at the work place. Every day we learn something new and we pass on some of our own knowledge. Somewhere, sometime during brain storming sessions, presentations, hectic deadlines and meetings, we grow as individuals. And there is joy in giving away ourselves to the work we do, to learn more and eventually gain the person we become in the process.

Joy of giving at workplace
                                                                       Joy of giving at workplace
                                          Joy of giving, Daan Utsav, Sharing

It’s these little moments, which we create as individuals by choosing to be warm, generous and kind that marks the quality of our life and makes a difference to the world around us.

So every Daan Utsav, try and experience the joy in simple social giving and the ripples of happiness you exude, shall be felt by one and all. And if at all, you are unable to make time for volunteering, try LetzChange. Choose an NGO working for a cause you are passionate about and create a campaign in their name. Donate and invite your friends to do the same. Leverage your connections on the social network to experience the joy of simple social giving.

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