Best Things in the World are STILL FREE

There’s nothing better in this world than a direct, smooth transaction. Aren’t there so many occasions where middlemen take advantage and make unworthy money? Farmers are robbed of profits and consumers are made to pay more for products.

Now imagine this scenario in the world of giving. You donate Rs. 1,000 to a deserving charity, only to find out that 10-15% of your contribution gets deducted (as commissions/processing fee/payment gateway charges), implying that only Rs. 850-900 reach the organization. At LetzChange, we strongly believe that this is NOT FAIR.

All donations made through our platform to our partner non-profits are transferred in entirety to the beneficiary’s bank account. Our mission is to help as many well intentioned organizations as possible and to ensure that, we bear even the necessary transactional charges.

This makes us the only online giving portal in India that doesn’t charge a single fee from the amount collected. But we believe that this is just a small step to usher in a BIG change. That of alleviating sufferings of the underprivileged and making the world a better place for the poor!

LetzChange India together!

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