Benefits of “Social Giving” you never knew!

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Do you know that when you donate for charity, it is like rewarding yourself too?

Apart from the fact that when you donate for a good cause, the feeling is incomparable. The joy of seeing someone else happy because of you is very special. But do you know that “giving” is not just “giving” but it has a lot to do with “receiving” too? Confused?

Well, we’ll give you a few reasons why GIVING is really a lot more about receiving.

1.Donations are tax deductible

When you give away a part of your hard-earned money for a social cause, that amount automatically gets exempted from tax deductions. However, the exemption is calculated by deducting the amount you gave as donation from your taxable salary. So, this is like doing a good deed and fetching a decent benefit for yourself too! You can avail an exemption by donating to an NGO via LetzChange as all donations are tax deductible under the Section 80G or 35AC of the Indian Income Tax Act.

2.Donating to an NGO makes you a learned and well aware citizen

When you choose to donate to a particular NGO, you’re bound to do some research about the organization, the kind of work they do and how the funds are utilized. This research makes you a better informed and more socially aware citizen. For example if you support an organization which fundraises to educate children, you may also discover the alarming rate of child labour in India and why education is the best way to break the poverty cycle for individuals and families alike. So donating acts as a self-tutor for you, right?

3.“Giving” or “Donating” gives you a mental and spiritual HIGH in life

Well, it is well understood that when you learn to empathize rather than sympathize with what’s wrong with the society and country overall, you are better able to detect the root cause of the issue and consequently you are better placed to make a positive contribution yourself. The post-donating phase is a phase where you feel mentally satisfied and kind of cool within yourself too.

Still not convinced?

Well, be it an amount as low as 100, it can still create a big impact and spread smiles!

Try it now:

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