Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2017: A Reminiscence

The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2017, held on 19th November 2017, was an immense success with thousands of people thronging the venue for showing their support to the participating runners and charities.During ADHM 2017, we harnessed the charity angle of marathons to create awareness about our partnering non-profits. As many as 38 different non-profits registered through LetzChange for ADHM 2017 and together raised an impressive cumulative sum of ₹ 17,90,140 rupees for the various socioeconomic causes they dedicatedly work for.

Marathons serve the dual purpose of encouraging people to incorporate exercise in form of running into their daily routines, as well as helping charities in raising funds for their effective operation.

To encourage non-profits to raise more money during the event, we at LetzChange came up with the innovative idea of introducing the ADHM 2017 Fundraising Challenge titled “Raise-a-Thon” for all our partnering non-profits. The purpose was to invoke a spirit of healthy competition among the participating non-profits so that they could all raise more funds in the light of a challenge, and guess what, it very much worked for us!

We had several sub-challenges under the“Raise-a-Thon”, one of being the Battle of Boards, in which, we coaxed the seemingly dormant board members of non-profits into participating by utilizing their effective network to raise money for their respective non-profits. It was lovely watching the board members get so involved in the intricacies of fundraising, competing with their counterparts and actually trying to fare well in the challenge.

Another exciting sub-challenge we incorporated into the ADHM Fundraising challenge comprised of a competition between the participating CSOs for the highest number of unique donors. We were quite elated with the overwhelming response we received from the CSOs and their donors during this challenge.

Apart from these two, we also had a sub-challenge called the Daily Most Active Campaign, wherein different campaigners created their individual campaigns over a period of 25 days for the non-profit they support, and collectively raised an amount of ₹ 7,40,735 rupees.

The most commendable aspect of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2017 was the general air of solicitousness, of empathy and caregiving, flowing through the entire marathon venue with the participating runners adding much to it with their matchless zealousness for the run. The event had its closure at an absolute high, and we are aspiring to raise more funds and loop in more charities during next year’s Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. ADHM 2018, here we come!


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