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We give you regular updates on the programs of trusted NGOs that you donate for. It helps you to know the difference you are making.

Your trust is our legacy

There are plethora of NGOs in India working in different parts of of the country for different causes. Trusting an NGO with your money is a difficult decision to make. To bridge this trust gap between the donors and the trusted NGOs which are doing exemplary work, GiveIndia is actively working since 2000.

Bringing Trusted NGOs In India To Donors

Our role is to connect credible NGOs with the intended donors. Donating with us, you need not worry about the utilisation of your monies. We are here to give you all the information that you require about a trusted NGO and give donations online. We do this through our GiveAssured framework.

‘GiveAssured’ is our promise to you that we:

  • Verify and audit every single organisation and program before listing it on our platform.
  • We go on ground in remotest parts of India and meet the people for who the NGO’s program promises benefits through your donations
  • Provide you the safest donation options with 100% secure payment gateway
  • Provide you the choice among the programs with different asks, which is based on what the NGO actually spends or requires as funding in a given year
  • Give you regular updates on the programs that you donate for so that you know the difference you are making in an individual’s life over a period of time

Know from our donor Sashi who believes, “Supporting the less fortunate in the society is every citizen’s duty. Organisations like GiveIndia play a critical role in bridging the trust gap between donors and reliable NGOs and ensure proper channelisation of donors’ contributions. These organisations need to be wholeheartedly supported.”

Another donor Abhiram says, “I have known GiveIndia from a very long time, I am honoured to be associated with such an esteemed organisation. I know my contribution would go to the right people and for the right cause.”

Know Where Your Donation Is Utilised

One of our primary responsibilities is to make our donors informed about the utilisation of their donations. We believe that it’s their right to know where and how their donation is making an impact. To do that, we share periodic reports with them which helps them map the journey of the individual beneficiary they are supporting.

Our donor Sandhya says, “We do not have time to visit orphanage / old age home / health care centre to help the needy. At least, we can donate online to a trusted NGO which shares the proof of utilization of our funds. It makes a difference not just in the life of a receiver but also in the life of a giver. There is so much happiness in giving.”

Easy Way To Donate

With GiveIndia, you can donate anytime and from anywhere. We have a simple sign-up process which allows you to donate in few simple steps. You just need to create a donor’s account on our platform and choose one of the listed programs of 200+ credible NGOs you want to support.

What else? Receive instant tax receipts in your inbox and annual consolidated receipts for tax filing to get tax exemption on your donation under 80G & 501(c)(3).

“I had been donating through GiveIndia. It made the whole process a lot easier for me and helped me contribute wherever my humble contribution could make a difference.” – donor Muriel

We understand that when you donate through us, you place your trust in us. Hence, we make sure that your donation reaches out to the people in need. We promise to keep your trust, because your trust is our legacy! Give online donation to sponsor the college fees of a differently abled student today to make sure that a life somewhere changes for the better. If you have any questions about donating for Indian NGOs, comment below to talk to us or write to us at

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