Solar power as a lifestyle in rural India


Humans have a tendency to apply unnatural techniques to nature, destroy it and then employ technology once again to repair it. We have been circling in the loop for ages. Our ancestors never banked on coal and petroleum. They relied on the Sun. And guess what? That’s the solution we need. Instead of getting into a vicious cycle of harming and healing nature repeatedly, we can use nature itself to meet our needs. Solar power is the cure to break this endless cycle leading to global warming.


Solar Energy

With global warming and environmental pollution inclining towards dangerous levels by the day, solar power is the need of the hour. All of us are the guardians of our environment and need to step up to our responsibilities. Solar power is a free and unlimited source of energy that ought to be capitalised on. A lot of smart individuals are already aware of this and several ventures have started implementing it as well. Solar panels are not only easy to install but also the solution to global warming .


Who Is The Most In Need?

Think about the millions who don’t have access to 24×7 electricity, let alone own television sets and refrigerators. As per government data 17035 villages are still in the dark. 31 million homes in India alone still don’t have access to power. Without taking anything for granted, we must lend a helping hand to the less fortunate among us.

The problem of power shortage is not really as taxing as it seems. We can provide electricity for the entire village just by investing in solar sources. Several smart villages have installed solar panels on the rooftops of their houses and do not need to worry about power for another 25 years.


Why Solar Power?

Solar Panels in a village
Solar Panels in a village

Harmless for the Environment

The Sun is part of nature and by utilising nature for power, we pose no threat to the natural environment or contribute to global warming. It is also a healthier source of energy compared to smoke-emitting coal and petroleum.

Cutting Down On Bills

Not only does solar power save money, the unused electricity generated by the grid can be sent back and sold. Yes, even small households can earn money in the battle against global warming. The more solar panels you use, the more energy you generate and the more money you can save to utilise in better purposes.


Solar panels can be installed anywhere and everywhere, on rooftops, in fields and in farms. Both urban and rural areas can benefit from this natural solution to our woes of skyrocketing electricity bills.

Effective Hours

The peak time interval of energy consumption is from 11 am to 4 pm and these are the hours when solar power production is at its peak. Nature understands us and it seems as though the Sun is in tune with our needs!

Job Creation

In several towns, setting up of solar panels creates jobs for the local rural population of the place. This elevates the economy of the whole town in general and promotes alleviation of living conditions in these towns.

An Outlier

While you read this and imagine the possibilities, here is an individual who has already achieved tremendous success in the domain. Bunker Roy, born with a silver spoon, received a top-notch education that made him think. He started Barefoot College, based on Gandhian principles. The college neither doles out degrees nor admits individuals who have earned a degree. Each person of the community is encouraged to contribute to society through construction, agriculture and so on, without the help of bookish knowledge but practical skills passed down by the grandparents.


Today, Barefoot College has achieved a fully solar-electrified village with 45 kilowatts of power on the roof, set up by a Hindu priest with a mere eight years of primary schooling. The women of the village fabricated the parabolic, Scheffler solar cookers, which are the most sophisticated solar cookers in use.

We can all bring a change to society. If you wish to donate to help India’s villages become self reliant in a way that’s beneficial for everyone through solar power, Balajee Sewa Sansthan is an organisation working towards the same. Let’s donate and harness the inexhaustible power of the Sun.

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