Giving the elderly a life of dignity

Dignity Foundation is one of India’s premier NGO’s working for the cause and care of the elderly. It is a one stop solution for senior members of society looking for help or support of various kinds. Their services are aimed at giving the elderly a second go at life – from enabling them to live productively, to fulfilling their dreams, to encouraging them to take up a hobby; essentially, reminding them that retirement is not the end of a chapter… but infact the beginning of a new one!

Their various services include:
– Dignity Helpline – a helpline dedicated to the help and rescue of the elderly.
– Dignity Ration Service – a service whose aim is to not let any elderly person go to bed hungry. This is achieved by distributing rations to the most needy and poor elderly.
– Dignity Dementia Day Care – dedicated to helping those afflicted with Dementia.
– Dignity Civic Service – a collaboration with the Brihan Mumbai Corporation (BMC) wherein 23 Dignitarians lead and monitor the activities in 23 of the city’s wards.
– Dignity on Wheels – An outreach programme to service indigent elders of every locality in Mumbai.
– Dignity Loneliness Mitigation – Bus trips that help the elderly mingle and mitigate loneliness

Through their numerous services, they are truly giving the elderly a life of Dignity.


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