5 NGOs working to help women in India

Women are treated as second class citizens in India. They need support to stand up on their own feet. With increased awareness, more organizations have taken a step forward to help women in India. These GiveAssured NGOs are doing their bit to help women in India.

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Action on words that went viral

YOU might have seen people posting #MeToo on their social media accounts lately. You may have even thought, “What’s the big deal if someone flirted a little or made a pass at a cute girl? Boys will be boys after all. It was just a ‘joke’. Besides, they probably brought it on themselves.” This hashtag…

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One Small Spark

By Kelly Munro IN a tiny village on the outskirts of Mumbai, one organization is making a huge difference. For over 29 years Vidhayak Sansad has been working with the most neglected and abused people in Thane district, educating them on their rights and their freedom to fight back. Through their dedication to make a…

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Dreams of a Child

HEADING into Bihar, I wasn’t scared; I was anxious. Most people fear kidnapping, but seeing as I’ve been kidnapped before I felt my chances of survival were high. My concerns lay with visiting the Daudnagar Organisation for Rural Development, to make sure that our donations were being put to good use. I’ve traveled far and…

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