Beacon of Hope

By Kelly Munro   YOU have cancer, is a phrase so many will be told this year. ‘We can help you,’ is a phrase the Indian Cancer Society says to those that cannot help themselves. The Indian Cancer Society, based in Mumbai, has a 60 year history of saving lives. They have helped thousands of…

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Asha Kiran

How it all began at Asha Kiran

THE mission of my trip was to see firsthand the wonderful work that Mr Prakash of Asha Kiran was doing for the underprivileged. I was so eager to reach my destination that I was standing by the door of the moving train. It was eight in the morning, the fresh breeze invigorating me. In the…

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Orphans, The Hope Foundation

Giving Children Hope

“From rags to riches” is a common phrase. But at The Hope House, everyone is “rich” in love and care. Driving to The Hope House (THH) even the sun’s rays feel welcoming and loving. There were no houses along the road, just an oasis of trees and colorful flowers. The old red building is the only one in…

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