World of Giving

Why You Should Make Giving a Habit

Think about some of your greatest accomplishments. Getting your dream job. Feeling healthy and fit after a period of committed workouts. Being able to afford that trip you have always wanted to take. What’s something they all have in common? They take time to accomplish. And usually involve a great deal of effort. That’s the…

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One Small Spark

By Kelly Munro IN a tiny village on the outskirts of Mumbai, one organization is making a huge difference. For over 29 years Vidhayak Sansad has been working with the most neglected and abused people in Thane district, educating them on their rights and their freedom to fight back. Through their dedication to make a…

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Beacon of Hope

By Kelly Munro   YOU have cancer, is a phrase so many will be told this year. ‘We can help you,’ is a phrase the Indian Cancer Society says to those that cannot help themselves. The Indian Cancer Society, based in Mumbai, has a 60 year history of saving lives. They have helped thousands of…

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