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World of Giving

Here’s what your $10/month charity can do

Have you ever felt that you do not have enough to make a difference in someone’s life? Well, give it a thought again. If you can spare $1000 on your monthly groceries, you are fairly in a good enough position to support someone for years. Here are a few charities you can contribute to through GiveIndia within $10/month.

Stories of hope

Will You Feed Their Hunger For Life?

Let’s #throwback for a quick minute to when you were 10 years old. If you had to think of your most pressing concern at the time, it probably revolved around the unjust equilibrium of your study/play time. That is a valid concern to have, no doubt. Many 10-year-olds have it. But there are children around…

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Beacon of Hope

By Kelly Munro   YOU have cancer, is a phrase so many will be told this year. ‘We can help you,’ is a phrase the Indian Cancer Society says to those that cannot help themselves. The Indian Cancer Society, based in Mumbai, has a 60 year history of saving lives. They have helped thousands of…

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