Help Idol-makers

Festival artisans are in the doldrums this Durga Puja

With idols downsized and celebrations muted, their annual income is severely reduced WITH the onset of India’s biggest festive season – Durga Puja, Dussehra and Diwali – there are strict guidelines in place for the celebrations. Most states and the central government are also nudging organisers to cut down on excesses. Festivities will be restrained, …

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Happy to Report

The Rise Of The Ethical Indian Consumer

HAVE you heard of ethically sourced, fair trade products? Conflict free diamonds? Or cruelty free makeup? Consumers have been using boycotts and flexing their purchase power for years to achieve change and force political transformation. Behind this seemingly modern movement of ethical consumption lies India’s forward-thinking Bapu who touted the ideals of homespun clothing and…

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