Small Talk With Pushpa Aman Singh

CHANGE leaders do great things, and often that is all we know about them. Here we want to get a different glimpse of the personalities that constitute the development space. Every month we ask one leader to answer our four quirky questions. This week we catch up with PUSHPA AMAN SINGH, the Founder and CEO of GuideStar India.

GuideStar India is India’s largest and most reliable NGO information repository. In a country like India that has a vast but scattered NGO sector, lack of reliable information is a serious bottleneck for philanthropy to grow. To counter that, GuideStar India  has created a fully searchable database of comparable information of more than 7,350 Indian NGOs and the country’s largest pool of 500 certified NGOs.

This helps philanthropists, corporates and anyone else who wants to, very quickly connect with non-profits in every corner of the country, saving both time and money. GSI is transforming how Indian NGOs report and share information, and is changing the way the people perceive, interact and engage with NGOs.

Small Change: Do you believe in the afterlife?

P.A.S: Yes, because I think I can even relate to my past lives!

Small Change: Name one thing you are really bad at?

P.A.S: Performing athletics, though I love watching sports!

Small Change: You have been forced to eat only four things for the rest of your life. Which four items would you choose?

P.A.S: Salads, water, curd, coffee.

Small Change: Where would you like to go for your next holiday?

P.A.S: Kanyakumari or the Himalayas to see the vastness of the world, reflecting on how tiny we are and yet how much every single person can do to alter the map!

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