Your 500 Bucks Deconstructed: How Small Donations Help

ONE thing that often stops us from donating to a cause we find meaningful is believing we are too broke to make a significant contribution. And that is because we don’t always understand how small amounts can make a difference in the lives of others.

At Small Change, every fundraiser we start has different targets aimed at acquiring different products and amenities to help folks in need. Some of these fundraisers have started with amounts as low as ₹200. So what can you do if all you have to spare in a month is ₹500? We scoped our fundraisers to get you the scoop.

There’s No Such Thing As Too Little

The Chikitsa Trust aims to reach out to the 100 million urban poor in India who have little access to medical facilities with their free primary healthcare centres.

Trustee Udai Malhotra recalls their recent fundraising campaign on Small Change as a great example of how small donations can make a big difference. He says: “Our campaign was to raise funds to buy long lasting Insecticidal mosquito nets (LLINs)  for families.”

These high quality mosquito nets can cost up to ₹250. While this may seem insignificant, it is a great way to protect against vector-borne diseases like malaria. “When someone from a lower income group contracts malaria, it affects their work and earning capacity and can be a blow to the entire family. Two mosquito nets at ₹500 could support and keep two families active, healthy and malaria-free.”

So in effect, your tiny contribution of a mosquito net could keep a family healthier and support the adults and children with earning potential and studying respectively. Not bad huh?

Staying Healthy, Staying Happy

Another example in the world of nutrition is from the Baale Mane Trust. The trust supports girls who are orphaned, abandoned or from poor, single-parent families. They are often victims of violence, homelessness, or child labour, and Baale Mane offers these girls a loving home that they can thrive in.

“One of the initiatives we’ve adopted is to offer the girls an egg a day. An egg is a great source of protein and nourishment for the girls and along with their regular meals, keeps them energetic throughout their day” says Tiggy Allen, Public Engagement coordinator at Baale Mane.

At approximately ₹6 for an egg, a donation of ₹500 can give 83 girls that extra energy boost for a day, helping them stay alert at school, active during exercise and sport and to build strength and grow.

Next time you’re holding back on spreading the donation love, don’t. Remember that what you believe is a small amount that can just about buy you a few beers, can mean a whole lot more to organisations like Chikitsa and Baale Mane and the families, employees and communities that benefit from their work.

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