Got EQ? Here’s Why You’ll Be Valued In the Development Sector

EMOTIONAL Quotient: The magic ingredient that makes you a valuable addition to any organisation, especially in the impact sector.

For years we’ve heard how important it is to have high EQ and how emotional intelligence helps us get ahead in life. So what are the signs of EQ? We put together a few tell-tale signs that should help you figure it out.

You Can Make Wicked Jokes About Yourself

Nothing is worse than a person who takes themselves too seriously. If you can laugh at yourself, it means you are self aware. This can be useful to connect to people in more genuine ways and to put things in context.

Seeing how difficult life can be for the communities around us and wanting to change that is essential, but getting carried away, bummed out and too caught up in the world can burn you out before you help anyone.

People Like To Hang Out With You

You know how they say every group of friends has a person who’s a bit of an ass, and if you can’t identify that person – it’s probably you? Well, a lot of that may be related to emotional intelligence.

While we’re often initially drawn to ‘the ass’ of the group – one who makes the outlandish statements and inappropriate admissions – over time this person can’t match someone emotionally mature and rational as a friend.

People are drawn to folks who have a high emotional intelligence. People are also more likely to value your friendship, support and advise you, if they notice you that you are.

You work out

Physical exercise releases endorphins and often contributes to much better mental health. This means that if you get more high off exercise than say alcohol or drugs, it’s likely that you have a higher EQ.

Being fit emotionally and physically are both essential when you look for work in the world of development. The job may require travel, roughing it out, and adjusting to less than average working conditions where real impact gets made. If you aren’t physically and mentally prepared for the ride, chances are you’ll have some trouble getting it.

Said Yes To None Of The Above? Just Work On It!

Maybe you’re having a particularly bad week or you feel like you genuinely don’t relate to the signs of high emotional intelligence.

Luckily for us, humans have the ability to unlearn and relearn over the course of their lives and make improvements when necessary. If you feel you need to strengthen your EQ – working on some of the areas above could make a big difference to how you look at the world, and vice versa.

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