Lives changed by the SGBS Trust

Till date, about 1,300 youth have benefitted from Unnati’s vocational training. These have primarily been people like Lalita and Abdul and Deepthi – youth who were at home, clueless about how they could go about being contributing members of society. Had it not been for Unnati’s intervention, they Youth who would have otherwise faced a bleak future, or worse, fallen prey to anti-social elements are now turning into productive members of their family and society thanks to Unnati’s intervention, they would have, in all likelihood, faced a bleak future.

Which is why Lalita, a young girl from Assam, is thankful to the friend who put her in touch with Unnati. Currently part of the housekeeping force at Bangalore’s St. Mark’s Hotel, Lalita is school-dropout. She just could not cope up with the curriculum, got disheartened and eventually quit. But she’s proud today. Proud that she’s able to earn Rs. 7,500 a month. “My dad’s income of Rs. 4,500 a month, as a daily wage labourer, is enough to support the family. My salary is being saved so that my brother and I have a chance at a brighter future.” Ask her what she liked best about the course and she says, “It helped me learn English.” She’s aware that it’s her language skills, amongst others, that have helped her get a job at this swanky hotel.

Then there’s Abdul and Keshava and Deepthi, who have similar stories. The feedback you get is fairly consistent. “I really enjoyed the programme.” “It opened up opportunities for me I would not have otherwise had.” These youngsters are not just happy about being economically productive but about being in a position to educate younger siblings too. They can truly help raise their family’s standard of living. This programme is living up appropriately to its name, which means progress in Sanskrit.

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