An organization which handholds the homeless until their last breath

Alwar, a small city in Rajasthan known for its forts and milk cakes now also has another feather in its cap. It’s the work done by the NGO Sapna, which works tirelessly to serve hundreds of people in and around the city. Vijay Mandir, located 10 kms away from Alwar, is the name of the fort which was ruled by the rajas (kings) of Rajasthan. The outhouse, which is rich in greenery and sunlight, gives the place an orange colour and offers a breathtaking scene.

It consists of a few rooms which are allocated to homeless and unidentified patients from various parts of the country who have been admitted to the trauma care at Delhi. These patients are cared for by care takers who help with their daily chores and food. Kidney patients receive assistance with dialysis. A rural BPO is run at the center where they are partnered with an US based company.

The center has a computer literacy center where children from different backgrounds receive training in programs such as excel and the internet. This basic training will open the door to future prospects.

As I walked further through the campus, I could see a long queue in front of a room. Some were children, a few were women, and others were old men.  “We have a public health care camp happening. It consists of a gynecology check, eye check-up and also blood check-up to name a few. Based on the prescription, the patients are given medicines.The public camps are announced throughout the village with the help of a mike and speaker,” adds Chandan, who is the program manager of the organization.

One of the patients named Arjun greeted me at the hospital corridor with a smile and a hand shake. “He is with the organization since few years now. He has lost his memory in an accident and was in a coma. He now recovered from coma after we shifted him to the center and now participates in daily activities such as cleaning, cooking help with the organization,” adds Chandan.

From these small beginnings of serving the poor and sick, the Dharmashala of Delhi has expanded to include women’s empowerment, female puberty education, kidney care, and computer literacy. Sapna has definitely left a footprint in the hearts of all these homeless, unidentified patients, as the organization holds their hands till their last breath.

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