Lives changed by Sanskruti Samwardhan Mandal

When I visited Sanskruti Samwardhan Mandal, a young lady named Rau spent the night in the guestroom with me. We got chatting and I was quite moved by her story. Which is why I have decided to share it here.

Rau has a big family. There used to be eight of them, now there’s seven – six sisters and her parents. While her father is no more, when alive, he used to work day and night to support his girls. He was a cook at Sanskruti Samwardhan Mandal’s mess and succumbed to ill health when Rau was just 10 years old. It’s not easy for a single mother to support six girls and it would have been no different for Rau, had Sanskruti Samwardhan Mandal not come to their support.

The organization gave the family a house on its campus. The girls got a fully-funded education as well as study material from the organisation’s school. Despite this support, Rau was not able to clear the standard 10 SSC board exams when the time came; and was totally devastated by this. That’s when Sanskruti Samwardhan Mandal came to her support once again. She was selected for the Assistant Nursing course that is run by Utkarsh, Sanskruti Samwardhan Mandal’s vocational training centre. Not surprisingly, she didn’t need to pay a penny to undergo the course – it was sponsored by Sanskruti Samwardhan Mandal.

The course trained her to become a nurse – as well as gave her life skills. From personality development to computer basics to spoken English etc. On completing her training, she did an internship at the Rural Hospital at Biloli for three months. She says, “It was really enlightening to work under experienced doctors and learn practical skills.”

Today, Rau earns enough to support her women-only family. She says, “I feel extremely proud to introduce myself as Ms. Rau Kamble, Assistant Nurse, Champaben Nanalal Hospital.”

Good on you, Rau!

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