An organization which is a family to the abandoned

ROSARY is housed in a very old building in a beautiful campus with tall trees and has some hens and cows. I can feel the love. It not only hosts old people but also mentally challenged youth. As I entered the compound, I spot a church with two chairs in the front. On one of them, an elderly old man in his late fifties is tied and on the other, with his bags packed sat another man.

I was shocked by this sight. When I asked Iruthayaraj why the man was chained to the chair he replied, “He has been abandoned by his family and is with us for four years. He is mentally ill and unless tied to one place runs around and hurts himself or others. He has done this before. So, when I’m not around I loosely chain him to the chair. The other man always wants to run away. Whenever anyone enters the Home, he runs to them with his bag and asks them to take him away. These are severely challenged people and have become mentally unhinged which is why they are abandoned by their families.”

As we walk in, I found some old ladies busy working. Some were cutting vegetables, and others washing up and cleaning. These ladies all live in the old age home. Some are mentally challenged and some are old and physically handicapped. Each of them have some designated work. “Some are involved in cleaning, some in the kitchen. It keeps them active and busy,” adds Iruthayaraj.

As we drove into the village, the Father was greeted by passerbys with reverence. We visited a very old and extremly poor couple who earn less than Rs.1,000 per month. Fr. Iruthayaraj supports them by giving them winter clothing and other necessities.

We then left to visit another town which was 40 kms away from Kailashavapuram where Fr.Iruthayaraj runs a home for blind people who too are abandoned. They stay there and study. A house on the first floor hosts around 15 people. A few young people study, a few go to work, while the rest are really old.

What started with three people is now 90. ROSARY is more than a roof over the heads of these people. It is family that loves and cares for them, while their real family has long forgotten their existence.

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