SGBS Trust, Vocational Training

SGBS Trust: How it all began

While Unnati is SGBS Trust’s most successful programme today, it wasn’t a planned move. Infact, it was started by chance – to fulfill a need. Back in 1978, Mr. Rameshswamy got involved with the SGBS Trust primarily for its religious and cultural offerings – musical shows, bhajans etc. It was with a bunch of people…

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GiveIndia NGOs, Physically Disabled, The Association of People with Disability

The Association of People with Disability: How it all began

The primary force behind the APD is undoubtedly Ms. N H Hema. With both legs and one arm significantly paralysed as a result of Polio in childhood, Hema herself was wheelchair-bound. But while she was mobile, it was not without difficulty. She recalls how obtaining a wheelchair itself was a grand task. Back in 1955,…

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Samarthan Trust for the Disabled

Recognition received by The Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled

Samarthan Trust for the Disabled has become one of Karnataka’s most recognised nonprofits. Some of their awards include – Governor’s award for Excellence from the Government of Karnataka, 2002  The India NGO Award, 2006  State Award in recognition of Services to Children, 2007  State Award in recognition of services rendered to persons with disability, 2009…

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GiveIndia NGOs, Samarthan Trust for the Disabled, Visually Impaired

Lives changed by Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled

Of the 100s of lives that Samarthanam has changed, it is the story of Rajani that stands out the most. Rajani Gopal Krishna is the first visually challenged woman to have qualified as a Charted Accountant. While her achievements demonstrate how with determination and perseverance, no obstacle is insurmountable, they also throw light on the…

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