Vishwas, Vision For Health Welfare and Special Needs

by Rohini Vemuganti

Disability and development go hand in hand for VISHWAS

VISHWAS is a popular address in Gurgaon and is known to all. On reaching the school, the first thing that strikes you is a collage of photographs showing the evolution of campus from when it was handed over to the NGO to its current stage.

In keeping with their motto of ‘inclusive education’, VISHWAS has strived to expand the concept of inclusion in every possible dimension in the social context. VISHWAS today has expanded itself to every nook and corner of Gurgaon area and runs a wide range of programs like:

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How it all began

Armed with a post graduate degree in biophysics, Neelam Jolly moved to Delhi from Chandigarh in the late eighties. After switching to Delhi, she decided to switch tracks and underwent a course as a Therapist with AADI – an NGO devoted to educational and social integration of disabled children with the mainstream. This was an eye opener for her and she continued as a Therapist with AADI during which she gained intimate exposure to the needs and problems faced by children with disabilities.

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