Vidya Poshak

by Rohini Vemuganti

Vidya Poshak

Vidya Poshak (VP) is housed in a two storied building with rooms neatly designated for different purposes such as mentor rooms, book banks, meetings, etc. Everything is organized and neatly structured, clearly illustrating that this is an organization with a purpose and clarity of their means of achieving their goals.

“Many students want to study, but they are economically challenged. They have a meritorious mark sheet but they drop out because they cannot afford the fees,” says Mr. Venkatesh who heads Vidya Poshak’s Dharwad center. Nurture Merit which is the flagship program of VP has been designed to meet this particular need where economically challenged students are identified and sponsored.  Read More»

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How it all began

The seeds of founding Vidya Poshak were sown in the mind of Prof. Tikote as early as in 1999. What began as a request to help a financially weak student soon translated to a larger need for assistance to deserving poor students who are forced out of the mainstream of education due to financial constraints.

Tikote was joined in this endeavor by his long time friends Vijay and Pramod. Starting with a seed capital of Rs. 2,000 contributed by each of them, Vidya Poshak was registered in 2001. Initially set up in Dharwad with 20 deserving students who were handpicked by the founders, the organization grew rapidly.


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