Ummeed Child Development Centre

Ummeed – an organisation that personifies special care

The three days I spent at Ummeed opened my eyes – really wide, might I add – to the world of special care. From the minute I entered their simple and cheerful Chinchpokli office, I could not help but notice how professionalism and care define everything that they do. Beginning from the name tag I was given that indicated I was a visitor to their 60+ staff members, who went out of their way to help when I seemed lost. To the form I signed giving my consent to abide by visitor rules ( such as no photography) – what a nice way to get the message about acceptable behavior around special children across! I had framed the right questions in my head over the weekend but was yet hesitant to ask – so I really appreciated having this message come across in this polite and direct manner. Read More»

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How it all began

Who’s the force behind this organisation that is working so hard to provide ummeed in the lives of these children and their families? It’s the powerful combination of Vibha Krishnamurthy and John Thattil. While Vibha brings a rare blend of intensive medical training and innate intuition to the table, John has over 16 years of experience in the corporate sector and 12 years in the not-for-profit sector within India and Abroad.

Having completed her MBBS from Lady Hardinge Medical College in Delhi where she was brought up, followed by an MD in paediatrics from Safdarjung Hospital, Vibha moved to Boston.

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A glimpse into the lives changed

With the quality services that Ummeed provides, it is no surprise then to find many of its children living close to regular lives. Of course, this change is seen after many years and only in the cases of those children who follow the treatment seriously – by attending the sessions regularly and implementing the same at home. Because that’s the premise of Ummeed’s model – that professional’s are only part of the story and it’s the families/parents who play a more influencing role in their child’s development.

Ummeed’s emphasis on doing what’s right for the children they serve, above all else, prevented me from meeting many of the children who came in for therapy the days I was there.Read More»

Volunteering Opportunities

Ummeed would like some help with:

1. Grant research, grant application and grant writing. Ummeed has major plans to expand its activities – from therapy to advocacy to research. Of course this requires funds. There are several government as well as non-governmental grants they could potentially apply for to get access to more funds. However, they require help to research the same, fill and send across the applications. Apply if you have good Google research and English writing skills. Of course someone from Ummeed would brief you on the work that they do to help you in filling up the applications. Read More»

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