Udayan Care

Providing loving, group foster care for orphans in Delhi

I entered the Udayan Care Ghar (“Home” in Hindi) and all the children, in a surprisingly coordinated way, greeted me with “Hi!”. Entering the room filled with girls smiling, running, drawing and chatting, I would never have been able to guess that all of them come from abusive and ugly pasts. While spending a few hours at the house, I got involved in various activities with them. I danced with a few of them. I listened to music with many of them. I did drawings with another girl. I even had long conversations with them on Bollywood movies and celebrity gossips! Udayan Care is definitely doing something right or this marvelous metamorphosis would never have happened.

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How it all began

Udayan Care is a Delhi-based NGO that, since 1994, has been painting the empty canvas of destitute and abandoned children, women and youth with bright, vibrant and permanent colors. Who could have guessed that behind the commencement of this wonderful cause is a painful memory, a faint violet image that never ceases to hurt the eyes? Founder Kiran Modi had a very pleasant smile and positive demeanour when she invited me into her cabin for a quick conversation. Married at the young age of 18 into a conventional Marwari joint family, she went on to get a PhD in American Literature from IIT Delhi and ran a neighborhood weekend newspaper for 12 years. The obvious question thus came to my mind – living a content life, what motivated her to set up Udayan Care? My question was answered by Sohini Karmakar, Assistant Manager of Resource Mobilization at Udayan Care.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Check out their website for other volunteer’s experiences and more details on how you can volunteer with Udayan Care.

A glimpse into the lives changed

Physical abuse. Sexual abuse. Rape. Abandonment. Murder. Trauma. These are the words that describe the past of almost all children living under the wings of Udayan Care. Turning the life around of children with such agonizing backgrounds is not a simple task. However, Udayan Care has successfully been fulfilling this duty for the past two decades! Ruchi, Pinky and Jaspreet are living examples of that.

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