Turning Point Foundation

Creating a positive turning point for drug/alcohol addicts

“Instead of a criminal or a drug addict, I was looking at a boy – just a boy.” ― Shannon A. Thompson, author of the 2012 released novel, Take Me Tomorrow.

A person who was once loveable, happy and reasonably successful had become surly, disrespectful, and defiant. No attempts to talk to him were fruitful. Privileges and things special to him had been taken away. He constantly played with criminal behavior – behavior that could put him into jail. He injected things into his body that could kill him. He’s had many a tough times with the local police and was even kicked out of his own house. Nothing seemed to be going well for him. This is the story of Bhola.

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How it all began

“My social circle comprised of people who always wanted to be high and intoxicated. I learnt about a ‘magical powder’ through them. I recall them saying how this powder makes one feel like god. Their incessant talk made me curious. One day, I accompanied them to a hotel where it was being sold; and became an heroin addict before I knew it. That was the ‘Turning Point’ in my life.”

These are the words of Mr. Chandra Shekhar, Founder-Director of the Delhi-based Turning Point Foundation; he calmly and quite matter-of-factly took me through his incredible journey from being a hardcore addict to going on to establish a foundation that helps youth who are addicts, just as he was many years ago.

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