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Giving primary school children a strong foundation

After a really long crowded metro ride from South Delhi to Gurgaon, I heaved a sigh of relief when I de-boarded and took in some fresh air. Shipra Shukla, project coordinator for Sukarya for the past 10 years guided me with the route. I had to take an auto which was a task because Sukarya is located on the outskirts and interiors of Gurgaon. Finally, an auto driver gave in after much argument. It was a 20 minutes drive from the city metro station to the main office. The minute I reached Sukarya’s gate, I was surrounded by children from the nearby slum who came running behind the auto, asking for money.

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How it all began

Supriya Roy, the founder of Towards Future, was actively involved in social service since 1995. Having served as a program manager and even the chief executive officer in various social impact organizations, she says, “This experience and exposure has made me what I am today, and helps me do what I want to do – to reach out to kids in need and help them with their education.”

During her work tenure in one of the organizations, she wasn’t happy with the way the kids were being reached or helped.

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