The Hope Foundation

An organization which is giving a ‘Hope’ful life to the kids


“From rags to riches” is what I keep hearing. But I could see a different meaning for the word ‘riches’ when I visited The Hope House and witnessed the way these kids are looked after—rich in love and care.

As Ruby drove me to The Hope House (THH) late one afternoon, I could feel the sun’s rays on my face. There were no houses along the road, which was lined with trees and colorful flowers. After a picturesque ten-minute drive, we finally reached THH.

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How it all began at The Hope Foundation

Raised in a Christian family, Mr. Ruby Nakka, who started the The Hope Foundation, trusted his intuition and staunchly believed in his calling.“ I used to live in a hut in Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh. The roof used to leak when it rained, and we had no electricity, no money. I had three sisters. My grandmother used to stay in Karimnagar, where she used to work with a Christian missionary group. ”

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Volunteering opportunities at The Hope Foundation

For opportunities with the Foundation, you can reach out on 91 96294-71920 or shoot a mail to

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