Teach For India

Educational equality for every child in India

Teach for India’s model is simple. They believe that every child in India should be given the opportunity to attain an excellent education. Their efforts are thus directed at children from families where financial constraints do not allow education to be a priority. Such children would usually be enrolled at local, non-privately run schools; schools which can be characterized by both low income and low resources. By placing their own teachers, known as Fellows, at such schools, Teach for India ensures that only quality education is imparted, thus raising the standards at these schools.

The success of the model thus relies heavily on recruiting good teachers.

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How it all began

In the 1980s, a young Tufts college graduate, Shaheen Mistri, who had been brought up abroad, relocated back to India, with the aim to end the educational inequity she witnessed in her visits to the slums in urban India. Shaheen went on to start the first Akanksha Centre in 1989 to combat the inadequacy in educational resources available to under-privileged children, and inspired her college friends to volunteer at the centre. This evolved in to The Akanksha Foundation; a nonprofit education project that provides after-school tutoring to children who do not have access to sufficient resources. Akanksha makes a big commitment to children to provide them with “a strong educational foundation, a good time, self-esteem and values”, until they are 18 and are ready for further studies and the job market.

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Volunteering Opportunities

The road to end educational inequity is long and TFI admits that they cannot do this on their own. If you are passionate about their vision and have a certain number of hours a week to put in, you can volunteer with Fellows in their classroom or with different departments on staff. They are currently present in 6 locations – Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Ahmedabad.

If you are interested in volunteering with them, fill their volunteer form at: http://bit.ly/1sqgCOj.

Recognition received by Teach For India

Founder, Shaheen Mistri, is the recipient of:

  • The Archana Trust Woman Achiever Award (2003)
  • The Indo-American Society’s Young Achiever Award (2001)
  • The Rotary International Dist. 3140’s “Selfless Service Award” (2006)
  • Recgnised as an Ashoka Fellow (2001)
  • A Global Leader for Tomorrow (World Economic Forum, 2002)
  • Recognised as Asia 21 Leader (2006)

The organisation has received:

  • The 2012 Innovation for India Awards – Institutionalized by Marico Innovation Foundation for innovations in the social sector that have positively impacted lives through education.
  •  2012 ICICI Foundation and CNBC-TV18’s Inclusive India Awards – winner in the Elementary Education Impact category (Established NGO).

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