Sukarya provides healthcare facilities to Gurgaon’s slum-dwellers

After a really long crowded metro ride from South Delhi to Gurgaon, I heaved a sigh of relief when I de-boarded and took in some fresh air. Shipra Shukla, project coordinator for Sukarya for the past 10 years guided me with the route. I had to take an auto which was a task because Sukarya is located on the outskirts and interiors of Gurgaon. Finally, an auto driver gave in after much argument. It was a 20 minutes drive from the city metro station to the main office. The minute I reached Sukarya’s gate, I was surrounded by children from the nearby slum who came running behind the auto, asking for money.

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How it all began

We live in an age when charity itself has become business and NGOs have been publicly questioned on their integrity. Yet Sukarya stands unique and aloof in its human and direct approach to social service. This is further underlined by its committed approach and its belief in focusing on what’s essential to give back to society. Such a worldview is the result of Mrs. Meera Satpathy’s singular passion and vision.

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