Improving lives of underprivileged women and children in Delhi

When I started my visit to Sshrishti, I had no idea what to expect from a relatively new NGO with two Ss in it. After conversing with Ms. Sanghamitra Bose, CEO and founder of Sshrishti, I was pretty sure that a few unique days awaited me. I wasn’t wrong.

The first centre, Sshrishti Learning Centre, opened a decade ago in September 2004 at Kishanghar, Delhi. This program offers primary education from Grade 1 to Grade 4 to over 100 children by using modern teaching methods. In fact, children of this centre also receive regular computer classes. While this centre was successfully running, Ms. Sanghamitra Bose noticed that many children did not have the prior and necessary elementary education. Moreover, their younger siblings were loitering around while their older brothers or sisters were getting educated in Sshrishti Learning Centre. That’s how Project Sshrishti Ladli was born.

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How it all began

My first question to Ms. Sanghamitra Bose, CEO and Founder of Sshrishti was,“Why the two S in Sshrishti?” She said, “While we were driving to get ourselves registered as an NGO, it suddenly hit me that they would ask for a name and I don’t have one! I kept on thinking and thinking and somehow the name ‘Srishti,’ which means ‘creation,’ struck my mind. Then I thought that this name is probably taken and I wanted something unique so I decided to add an extra S, hoping it might raise curiosity in people’s mind when they look at the title. It worked, many people have asked me this question.” Just like the appellation of this NGO, the story of how Sshrishti emerged is also very unique.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Here are some of the things that you could do with Sshristi:

• Teach English or other subjects
• Organize games, art, craft, dance, music, theatre or photography
• Organize outings
• Offer medical care
• Help with data collection and management
• Help with fundraising and communication

Do write to them at, if interested.

Lives changed by Sshristi

Children standing up and saying, “Good morning ma’am!”

Me smiling at all of them and replying “Good morning everyone!”
Children sitting down and uttering “Thank you ma’am!”

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2 thoughts on “Sshrishti

  1. Hi,
    I want to volunteer on Saturdays, abt 2 hrs per week, to teach students and help them with their studies. My 10 and 7 yr old sons also want to help me in this. Can u tell me any location in Vasant kunj where I can do this.

    1. Dear Sapna,

      I’m not very familiar with Delhi so don’t know which of the following NGOs are close to Vasant Kunj. But they all have volunteering opportunities that may interest you –
      Sshristi –
      Salaam Baalak Trust Delhi –
      Sarthak Prayas –
      Protsahan –

      You will find the address and contact details for each of these organisations by clicking on their name on this page –

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